Shifting From One Service To HostGator Made Easy

It is quite natural to have users jumping from one web hosting service to the other to experience the best services. The users have a common notion that if someone is offering services at a low price, then that means they are not providing enough features. Then there are some users who feel that the more expensive the plan is, the more features and benefits you will be receiving. But all these notions turn out to be a phony when you are opting for HostGator.


This is one web hosting service which has been thinking about users and their budget constraint. That is the reason they have been in the business for so long and doing excessively well for their own business and for the users as well. It has been a common scenario where people who have been jumping in and out of other services, have not moved out since they joined HostGator. With the HostGator coupons the users are getting more benefited as they are now able to enjoy the same services at much lower price than the normal rate.

Moving Made Easy

We all know how difficult it is to shift from one service to the other still on a quest to opt for better service we all do this. But if you have decided to join HostGator then to ease out this process of transferring it offers you Domain transfer for free of cost. Even file transfers or the database transfers or even the script transfers are done free of cost so that you don’t have to go through any trouble.

Now you can easily shift from other web hosting service to the HostGator web hosting without incurring any extra charge. You can also avail transfer of domain registration for free, but that is available for only one domain. In case you are upgrading then also you can avail this free transfer in the inter-server upgradation. You can easily use the HostGator coupon in order to make your journey even smoother.

Hosting And Your Website

VPS Hosting starts at $9.98 but that is mainly for the first month, but it is one of the popular plans of this web hosting service. If you are taking the help of HostGator in building a new website then you will have to go through some simple steps. First you need to login to website builder then select your favorite website template and then add content which will suit your site. After this the last and the main thing is to publish to the account of your web hosting.

Then again, you will be getting unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, script installs with a single click and wide range of almost 4500 website templates are on offer for free. The best thing about this web hosting service is that irrespective of whatever plan you select, you are entitled to 99.9% of uptime. In case you suffer from downtime you will get round the clock customer service.