Shifting From One Service To HostGator Made Easy

It is quite natural to have users jumping from one web hosting service to the other to experience the best services. The users have a common notion that if someone is offering services at a low price, then that means they are not providing enough features. Then there are some users who feel that the more expensive the plan is, the more features and benefits you will be receiving. But all these notions turn out to be a phony when you are opting for HostGator.


This is one web hosting service which has been thinking about users and their budget constraint. That is the reason they have been in the business for so long and doing excessively well for their own business and for the users as well. It has been a common scenario where people who have been jumping in and out of other services, have not moved out since they joined HostGator. With the HostGator coupons the users are getting more benefited as they are now able to enjoy the same services at much lower price than the normal rate.

Moving Made Easy

We all know how difficult it is to shift from one service to the other still on a quest to opt for better service we all do this. But if you have decided to join HostGator then to ease out this process of transferring it offers you Domain transfer for free of cost. Even file transfers or the database transfers or even the script transfers are done free of cost so that you don’t have to go through any trouble.

Now you can easily shift from other web hosting service to the HostGator web hosting without incurring any extra charge. You can also avail transfer of domain registration for free, but that is available for only one domain. In case you are upgrading then also you can avail this free transfer in the inter-server upgradation. You can easily use the HostGator coupon in order to make your journey even smoother.

Hosting And Your Website

VPS Hosting starts at $9.98 but that is mainly for the first month, but it is one of the popular plans of this web hosting service. If you are taking the help of HostGator in building a new website then you will have to go through some simple steps. First you need to login to website builder then select your favorite website template and then add content which will suit your site. After this the last and the main thing is to publish to the account of your web hosting.

Then again, you will be getting unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, script installs with a single click and wide range of almost 4500 website templates are on offer for free. The best thing about this web hosting service is that irrespective of whatever plan you select, you are entitled to 99.9% of uptime. In case you suffer from downtime you will get round the clock customer service.

iPhone 5 Rumors- Should You Believe Them?

There are many rumors that relate to the over-publicized iPhone 5. Many people are already aware of the fact that it will be launched this year but none knows its official release date. And this is because Apple did not make available any details that can be connected to the iPhone 5 release date. However, besides the launch date of the iPhone 5, there are many other rumors that describe the great features and capabilities of this device. But unfortunately, the contradictory rumors convince us to draw a disappointing conclusion, which relates to the fact that none can actually say whether specific features and capabilities will accompany this mobile device or not.

iPhone 5

The Major Features of the iPhone 5: Are They Real?

There are numerous discussions with regard to the iPhone 5. However, after comparing these discussions, anyone can easily comprehend a few things about the features and capabilities of this mobile device. These things do not only refer to the fact that just a few rumors are important but also that only they make sense. Therefore, you should know that the most essential iPhone 5 rumors are mainly about its operating system, processor, Near Field Communication technology, design, and 4G LTE technology.

iPhone 5 and Its Operating System and Processor

Coming down to the operating system of this device, you should be aware of the fact that more and more rumors attest the fact that it will provide the new iOS6. It seems that this operating system will be characterized by some new functions, which allow it to handle the mapping applications much better than the iOS5. This thing indirectly means that the iPhone 5 is going to give fans the chance to enjoy the wonderful 3D maps, which are already available on iPads. Besides this function, the new operating system promises more power and applications than the iOS5, including the famous Siri.

On the other side, Apple has already prepared a new processor, which can literally support the complexity of the iOS6. Many people consider that the new processor, which is referred to as A6, will be characterized by better graphics and more horsepower. Embedded with early intelligence, the A6 will be able to deliver a better performance and power management, which can definitely increase the utility of this device. In case that you do not really know what this thing actually means, you must comprehend that the new A6 will help you to enjoy a wonderful user experience, which is much different from everything that you have “tasted” before. This experience will be sustained by a very long battery life and a truly ingenious way to play games.

Near Field Communication and 4G LTE Technologies

Also known as NFC, this technology is quite new, working its way through the highly developed tech field. Although most people do not really expect features like Google wallet, they would like to be pleasantly surprised with some wonderful solutions, including different online payment systems. Thus, the NFC is definitely a feature that the upcoming iPhone 5 should have.

As you might already know, the 4G LTE is a great technology that helps many manufacturers to sell their latest mobile phone models. However, coming down to Apple’s products, it is important to know that the iPhone 4S does not have the 4G LTE. The manufacturer decided not to provide this technology especially because the 4G LTE uses a lot of power, which can be ominous for a thin device that has no replaceable battery. Thus, wondering whether the iPhone 5 will come along with 4G LTE or not represents a natural concern.

However, over the last few years, we have witnessed so many impressive developments, from which some relate to the capability of different developers to create some truly thin and light mobile devices that come along with numerous features. Therefore, there is no surprise that many people expect the iPhone 5 to deliver the impressive 4G LTE technology.


As you already know, most mobile phone developers intend to impress their fans with some truly thin, light, and sleek designs, which highlight the beauty of the latest technologies. Based on this reasoning, the iPhone 5 will definitely incorporate a larger screen than the iPhone 4S and a quite new look, which can only make us think of the iPad 2. This thing indirectly means that the iPhone 5 will actually deliver a hybrid device, which can easily compete with the top Smartphones and even with some tablets.

iPhone 5 Rumors: What Else You Should Know

Besides the aforementioned rumors, there are many other suppositions that relate to the improved battery life, memory, and display of this Smartphone. In short, the iPhone 5 is expected to provide some better features and capabilities than the iPhone 4S. Obviously, an improved battery life and memory are two great features that can easily enchant a user while helping Apple to defeat its competitors. But, are all these features and capabilities for real? And even more important: are they able to turn the iPhone 5 into a must-have accessory? Well, it seems that only time will tell whether this Smartphone is going to rule the high-tech market segment or not.