Nokia X

Nokia X is the first Android smartphone from Nokia and brings forth a remarkable combination that purchasers have beeen sitting tight for a considerable length of time. The Nokia X sports 4-inch IPS touchscreen with 480 x 800 pixel resolution. It comes in different hues including dark, white and red. The Nokia X keeps running on a forked version of Android 4.1.2, however doesn’t give you a chance to get to Google Play Store.

Nokia X

Processor and Camera

The smartphone is outfitted with 1GHz double core Snapdragon processor, bolstered by 512MB of RAM. It features a 3MP essential altered center camera, and does not have a front camera for video calling.

Capacity and Connectivity

The Nokia X houses 4GB of implicit stockpiling, which is expandable utilizing a microSD card opening. The systems administration and connectivity options are 3G, Wi-Fi, USB port, Bluetooth, aGPS and so forth. It is backed by a 1,500mAh li-ion battery which will keep this smartphone running almost throughout the day on normal to moderate usage on a single charge.


The Nokia Normandy is the first ever Nokia phone running on Android operating system, and lands with an extremely moderate sticker price. It features a popular design, stacked with every one of the features required in a normal smartphone. It brings great camera, standard measured amazing display, 3G backing and a great deal more at the cost of included Asha phones.

Our smartphones are our most prized personal possessions that we like to show with pride. In today’s world, smartphones have become our personal companions and there is no doubt that these smartphones are an integral part of our lives. We use to take them everywhere we go. They stay with day and night and like a human being suffer wear and tear. Smartphones are electronic gadgets too and like any other gadget; they may mal function one time or another or may get damage due to use over time or by an accident like falling or getting water in the interiors.

Sometimes the problems can be sorted out be restoring the phone to factory settings or just be rebooting it. However, sometimes the problem might be serious like any hardware part not working correctly or software issue that is not sorted out by rebooting and restoring the phone. In that case, we need to visit the nearest service center to get the problems sorted out.

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