Jetpack Joyride Game For PC

Well, if you are addicted to gaming then this game will definitely blow you away. Jetpack joyride is one of the innovative game for which you will definitely get addicted. This game is very interesting because of its graphics. This game does not run on low phones, but still you will be able to run it on PC. This game is officially available for windows and Android in the market. It was launched in 2012 by half brick studios. When this game was released, it soon found itself at the top of the Android market. There are millions of users around the world which are playing this game daily and more and more are downloading it every day.

jetpack joyride games

The main character in the game is Barry Streak Flies who is recently working in a lab as a Jetpack tester. As soon as he discovers his boss plans, he steals the Jetpack and tries to escape from the lab. Although he never escapes because this is an endless runner game. You will always find him in the corridor of the lab. While runner different enemies attack him and he also gets various power ups during the game.

As we talk about the controls of the game, there is only one control in the game as the character will be running forward him without any external requirement. When you tap on the screen, your character will go up. Physics of the game also impresses you. As long as you tap on the screen, your character will remain in the air. There are certain obstacles which you will face during the run; you need to cross them to go further in the game. We also recommend trying out Instagram app for PC. It is one of the best android app to try out on the Windows PC.

Jetpack joyride is developed for all the smart phones. It can run easily on all the android devices and iOS devices including ipads as well. However, we find it quite difficult to run this game on PC since official version of this game for PC and laptop is not yet launched. So it is not available for windows and other operating system on your PC. But still there is a way to run this game on your PC easily.

All you have to do is to download an Android emulator; this emulator allows android games to run on your PC and laptops easily. These emulators are also iOS specific. Out of the different emulators blue stacks are the most common used in this act.


To download Jetpack joyride for PC you have download blue stacks or other emulators and follow these gives steps. It is quite simple and can be easily performed; it allows you to run your game on PC and laptops.
1. First of all you have to download and install blue stack application on your PC. It allows android app to run on your PC.
2. Start bluestack and use the search tool of this application to find Jetpack joyride
3. Once you find this application, you simply need to download Jetpack joyride .
4. Open my apps folder in blue stacks and run this app.
5. That’s all you have to follow and enjoy this application on your PC.
Have you enjoyed jetpack joyride game on PC? Which other android game you prefer to play on your PC? Let us know in the comment section