How To Open New Bank Account With Using 12 Digit UID Of Aadhaar Card

UIDAI has opened a new phase of opening new bank account without showing any paper documents. Undeniably this is a great endeavor from the UIDAI to save lot of trees using for manufacturing paper. This is very eco-friendly benefit delivered to save paper work and time too. Once individual obtain Aadhaar Card it is sure that he or she has passed through all the verification systems. This is became the hard proof of every resident of India. Now let us show you without using paper how anyone can open new bank account with just using the Unique Identity No of Aadhaar Card.

How to open New Bank Account with using 12 Digit UID of Aadhaar Card

Now with Aadhaar Card people can easily open new bank account without doing any paper formalities. Government has started using aadhar card and UID to link accounts of every Indian users. In the future, it will become a unique identity through which all the transaction and legal documents will be handled. This will definitely reduce the paper work and headache that normal person go through in India.

Because UIDAI has already stored the data of verification in the unique id of Aadhaar Card. People have already passed through the iris scan process which is a computerized based scanning. Recently UIDAI has launched new system of electronic based banking system where the customers have to enter their UID and show the finger prints on the electronic gadget. Ultimately all the data stored in UID will open for bank use and banker can easily scan the entire document and upload bank account with this single ID Proof.

Now no documents, no single paper is required to open bank account. With the simple magical 12 digit no any individual can open bank account and take away passbook immediately with them. This just not saves the paper but saves the time of both bankers and customers.

UIDAI has provided a very useful source to get the on time service of opening new bank account. Now the bank account opening procedure has become hassle free with this Unique ID generated By UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India).

iPhone 5 Rumors- Should You Believe Them?

There are many rumors that relate to the over-publicized iPhone 5. Many people are already aware of the fact that it will be launched this year but none knows its official release date. And this is because Apple did not make available any details that can be connected to the iPhone 5 release date. However, besides the launch date of the iPhone 5, there are many other rumors that describe the great features and capabilities of this device. But unfortunately, the contradictory rumors convince us to draw a disappointing conclusion, which relates to the fact that none can actually say whether specific features and capabilities will accompany this mobile device or not.

iPhone 5

The Major Features of the iPhone 5: Are They Real?

There are numerous discussions with regard to the iPhone 5. However, after comparing these discussions, anyone can easily comprehend a few things about the features and capabilities of this mobile device. These things do not only refer to the fact that just a few rumors are important but also that only they make sense. Therefore, you should know that the most essential iPhone 5 rumors are mainly about its operating system, processor, Near Field Communication technology, design, and 4G LTE technology.

iPhone 5 and Its Operating System and Processor

Coming down to the operating system of this device, you should be aware of the fact that more and more rumors attest the fact that it will provide the new iOS6. It seems that this operating system will be characterized by some new functions, which allow it to handle the mapping applications much better than the iOS5. This thing indirectly means that the iPhone 5 is going to give fans the chance to enjoy the wonderful 3D maps, which are already available on iPads. Besides this function, the new operating system promises more power and applications than the iOS5, including the famous Siri.

On the other side, Apple has already prepared a new processor, which can literally support the complexity of the iOS6. Many people consider that the new processor, which is referred to as A6, will be characterized by better graphics and more horsepower. Embedded with early intelligence, the A6 will be able to deliver a better performance and power management, which can definitely increase the utility of this device. In case that you do not really know what this thing actually means, you must comprehend that the new A6 will help you to enjoy a wonderful user experience, which is much different from everything that you have “tasted” before. This experience will be sustained by a very long battery life and a truly ingenious way to play games.

Near Field Communication and 4G LTE Technologies

Also known as NFC, this technology is quite new, working its way through the highly developed tech field. Although most people do not really expect features like Google wallet, they would like to be pleasantly surprised with some wonderful solutions, including different online payment systems. Thus, the NFC is definitely a feature that the upcoming iPhone 5 should have.

As you might already know, the 4G LTE is a great technology that helps many manufacturers to sell their latest mobile phone models. However, coming down to Apple’s products, it is important to know that the iPhone 4S does not have the 4G LTE. The manufacturer decided not to provide this technology especially because the 4G LTE uses a lot of power, which can be ominous for a thin device that has no replaceable battery. Thus, wondering whether the iPhone 5 will come along with 4G LTE or not represents a natural concern.

However, over the last few years, we have witnessed so many impressive developments, from which some relate to the capability of different developers to create some truly thin and light mobile devices that come along with numerous features. Therefore, there is no surprise that many people expect the iPhone 5 to deliver the impressive 4G LTE technology.


As you already know, most mobile phone developers intend to impress their fans with some truly thin, light, and sleek designs, which highlight the beauty of the latest technologies. Based on this reasoning, the iPhone 5 will definitely incorporate a larger screen than the iPhone 4S and a quite new look, which can only make us think of the iPad 2. This thing indirectly means that the iPhone 5 will actually deliver a hybrid device, which can easily compete with the top Smartphones and even with some tablets.

iPhone 5 Rumors: What Else You Should Know

Besides the aforementioned rumors, there are many other suppositions that relate to the improved battery life, memory, and display of this Smartphone. In short, the iPhone 5 is expected to provide some better features and capabilities than the iPhone 4S. Obviously, an improved battery life and memory are two great features that can easily enchant a user while helping Apple to defeat its competitors. But, are all these features and capabilities for real? And even more important: are they able to turn the iPhone 5 into a must-have accessory? Well, it seems that only time will tell whether this Smartphone is going to rule the high-tech market segment or not.