Top 5 Foods For Fighting Diabetes Naturally

Diabetics depend upon the diet they take. Healthy food is a great way of keeping diabetes away. It ensures insulin hormone grows. This hormone works towards controlling the blood sugar. As a diabetic, you must avoid fatty foods like butter, mayonnaise or cheese. Other alternatives that are helpful in controlling blood glucose level include steamed, roasted or grilled food. Here are top five foods for a diabetic that play a great role in controlling blood glucose level.

Top 5 Foods for Fighting Diabetes Naturally


The body tends to turn carbohydrates into glucose. Glucose produces fuel or energy needed by body cells. Most foods contain carbohydrates except fish, poultry and meat. Carbohydrates are of two types; starches (complex carbs) such as rice, pasta and beans. The other type is simple carbohydrates. This refers to sugars from vegetables, fruits, white table sugar and honey. As a diabetic, you must be conversant with carbohydrates. Your diet should contain higher levels of complex carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates tend to raise the level of blood sugar more quickly.


Whole grains and complex carbs are great for diabetics because of their fiber content. Refined foods tend to raise blood sugar levels and fiber has been stripped off. Health benefits of fiber include lowering cholesterol, reduce risks of heart-related diseases, relieve constipation, help reduce weight, etc. These foods are also great in controlling blood sugar levels. This means fiber helps prevent or overcome diabetes.

Healthy Fats:

Diabetic diets are very different. While some diabetics are advised to consume more fats, some have to eat less fat. Diabetics must consult the doctor regarding the amount of fat content to consume. Note that consuming more carbohydrates and less healthy fats increases triglycerides levels and this increases chances of suffering from a heart disease. Protein and fat do not raise sugar levels as fast as carbs. Healthy fats include olive oil, various nuts, avocado, etc. The antioxidants in these foods are great in managing the condition.

Vitamins and Minerals:

Complications that arise from diabetes affect the blood vessels, eyes, nerves, etc. Certain vitamins lead to healthier nerves, blood vessels and eyes. The best foods are those containing mineral zinc, Vitamin C and E. These minerals and vitamins are antioxidants that prevent cells from being damaged by free radicals. When cells are damaged by free radicals, complications such as heart disease and nerve damage are likely to occur. Chromium is also a mineral that ensure better management of blood sugar levels. The best sources of this mineral include grape fruit, fortified breakfast cereals, broccoli, etc. Chromium also enhances insulin’s action in the body.

Drink More Water:

Diabetics need to drink 8- 10 glasses of regular water. The water is best when taken regularly for it to be effective in controlling blood glucose level.

The Causes Of Sore Throat Or Strep Throat

Sore throat is a disease which may be caused by flu and common cold. Sometime the sore throat may be a result of the bacterial infection. The viral infections that can lead to sore throat are croup, chickenpox, measles, mononucleosis, flu and common cold. Bacterial infections which may lead to bacterial infection are diphtheria which is a serious respiratory illness and it is rare in the industrialized nation but it is found in the developing countries. Whooping cough is also a contagious respiratory tract infection and strep throat is a result of the bacterium which is called streptococcus Group A and streptococcus pyogenes.

Causes Of Sore Throat Or Strep Throat

You Can also Get a Sore Throat from Other Causes

Allergies that come from pollen, dust, molds and pet dander may lead to the sore throat. A problem can get worse and it may be complicated because of the postnasal drip and it can inflame and irritate your throat.

Dryness can lead to the sore throat if the indoor air is dry especially during the winter since the buildings are heated. The throat can be scratchy or rough especially during morning when someone just wakes up. Breathing takes place in the mouth and it is a chronic nasal congestion which may lead to sore or dry throat.

Irritants are found in the outdoor air pollution and they may lead to ongoing throat irritation. The indoor pollution is caused by chemical or smoke which may also cause the sore throat. When you chew tobacco or when you eat spicy foods and drink alcohol may irritate the throat.

Muscle strain can cause the sore throat since the muscle can strain as it happens in the legs and arms. When you yell at a sporting event or when you try to talk to someone if there is noise or when you talk for a long period without any rest, it may lead to hoarseness and sore throat.

Health Problems that Lead to a Sore Throat

Gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD is a digestive disorder where the acid in the stomach and other content back up into the food pipe. Other symptoms or signs of the heartburn are hoarseness, heartburn or regurgitation of the stomach content with the sensation of the lump into the throat.

HIV infection can lead to flu-like symptoms including the sore throat. They may appear early as soon as someone has been infected. People, who suffer HIV, may have recurring and chronic sore throat as a symptom of secondary infection. The common problem can include the fungal infections which are caused by cytomegalovirus or oral thrush.

This is a common viral infection which can be serious in the people who have immune system that has been compromised. Tumors of the voice box, tongue or throat of the larynx may lead to the sore throat which may be accompanied by lump within the neck, noisy breathing, difficulty swallowing and hoarseness.